Response to New Coronavirus Infections

【Efforts from Nagano Campus

2020.09.15 Announcement: Nagano Campus Notification regarding the current situation of Nagano Campus and Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture

【Efforts from Tokyo Campus

2021.3.4 Announcement: Tokyo Campus Schedule Update(2021/3/8-3/12)

After cancellation of the new coronavirus emergency declaration Guidelines for restarting classes at school

【Message from School Director】

Regarding the “emergency declaration” that had been issued as a measure to prevent the infection of pneumonia (COVID-19) due to the new coronavirus, the government announced the cancellation of Tokyo on May 25, following the prefecture that was canceled last week. ..
Based on this, based on the basic countermeasures against infectious diseases in the country, we will establish guidelines as MANABI Japanese Language Institute, aiming to resume classes at school while taking step by step steps.
MANABI Japanese Languages Institute ​​has two schools in Japan (Nagano school and Tokyo school), so each school makes judgments according to the policies of each school and the municipality of each location, faculty, students and protection as necessary. We will disseminate information to students and parents.

When resuming classes at schools, each school will continue to implement specific preventive measures against infections and establish a learning environment in which students can learn with peace of mind.
In addition, when community-acquired infection is seen again or the risk of infection increases, we will respond by changing the lesson format.

・Always collect information on government policies and local government policies
・Strengthen the check system according to each school’s manual such as school building and classroom management that can be used for infection prevention, and take thorough infection prevention measures

【Specific measures】
・We will continue to ask our staff and students for cooperation in preventing infections, and we ask for cooperation in taking measures to prevent infections even in dormitories, homes, and outside schools.
・Checking the creation and execution of manuals for school building and classroom management of each school in infection prevention
・Report to students (parents if necessary) immediately after response and policy decision
・In the unlikely event that a person infected with a new type of coronavirus appears as a faculty member or student, promptly report it to the local government office for instructions.

◆ School building/classroom support

(according to each school’s infection prevention manual)

◆Student correspondence

(based on student rules and manuals for students at each school)

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