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Response to New Coronavirus Infections

【Efforts from Nagano Campus】

Announcement: Nagano Campus Notification regarding the current situation of Nagano Campus and Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture

【Efforts from Tokyo Campus】

. The schedule for next week has been updated.  

Students, please take care of your infections and get on with your lives!
It is important to take basic measures such as washing hands and gargling.

Dear students of MANABI Japanese Language Institute Nagano and Tokyo

Beware of infection with the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)
The number of newly infected persons with the new coronavirus infection has increased rapidly nationwide since the end of last year. We would like our students to keep the following points and pay higher attention not to get infected.

・Wash your hands and gargle as often as possible.
・Disinfect your hands with a disinfectant.
・In a dormitory where multiple people share a room, please open the windows a few centimeters to keep them always ventilated.
・Keep wearing a mask as much as possible even while in the room.
・While you eat, please keep a distance from the others or staggering a time to avoid trans infection.
・Please do not participate in gatherings and parties, including during the Chinese New Year.
・Please take your body temperature measurement every day and be careful of changes in your physical condition.

If you suspect that you caught COVID-19, such as fever, malaise, or abnormal taste/smell, please consult the school.

MANABI Japanese Language Institute will provide maximum support for students to keep them healthily studying Japanese to pursue their purpose of studying in Japan.

MANABI Japanese Language Institute
Director FUJIMORI Yukiji