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2021.01.15 Tokyo

Tokyo Campus Schedule Update(2021/1/18-1/29)

To whom it may concern

A student of our school was found to be infected with covid-19 on Jan. 15.
In response to this result, our school will cancel the class on January 18th to carry out disinfection work of the school equipment. And from January 19th to 29th, we will shift all of our classes to online. We will take appropriate measures according to the instructions of the regional health authority.

If any of our student feel that health condition is not well, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

● Progress until the infection found

January 8: The last day of the relevant student comes to school and stays about 40 minutes.
January 10: The student had a meal with a co-worker friend after a part-time job.
January 12: The friend had a fever and had a PCR test. The result was positive.
January 13: The student had a fever.
January 14: The student had a PCR test.
January 15: The student was found the result was positive

From the above circumstances, it is considered that no one has made close contact with the relevant student in school.
We consider the infection was not likely spread in school.

● Undergoing situation

・The infected student is mildly ill and waiting at home.
・One of our teachers who had contact with the student had an antigen test on January 15th. The result was negative.
・There are no symptoms of indicating infection in other students and staff of our school at this moment.

● Respect for human rights and protection of personal information

Our school will gieve top priority to the health of students and faculty members.
Please understand and consider for respect for human rights and protection of personal information of our students and related persons.

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