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2021.04.22 Tokyo

MANABI Tokyo Campus Schedule Update(2021/4/26-5/7)


The schedule for next week has been updated. Please check it carefully.

As a precautionary measure to prevent infection, students who have to go to the office on the second floor are asked to come alone and not with a friend.
You can apply for your certificate online, not in the office.
To avoid congestion at the office, please submit your application online.

■ Schedule 
TOKYO NOTICE 2020422 Class

■ School opening hour
 8:30 ~ 18:00

■ Student consultation contacts 
In order to lower the number of people gathering in the office on the 2nd floor, Tokyo Campus will continue consulting students through Chat apps such as WECHAT, Facebook, LINE. 
〇WECHAT:①manabitokyo ②MNBTOKYO
Official LINE account

 School’s actions to prevent infection  
Disinfectants are placed at school entrances, corridors and in classrooms.
Continuing to conduct health management to both students and staff including checking body temperature every day.
Ventilating the classrooms often.
・Distancing the desks inside classroom. Students won’t be facing each other while practicing.
・Disinfecting frequently touched places such as door knobs, elevator buttons.
・Placing transparent shields at reception and consulting tables.
・Dividing classes so that each class takes turns studying at school and studying online.
・There will be a safe distance (about 1-2m) between each seat in classroom.
・Teachers will wear mask during class.
・In order to prevent students from gathering in the office, the school will conduct consultation through Google Chat.
・Application procedures will also be computerized.

Request to students
・Please continue to submit the physical condition questionnaire every morning.
・If you have a fever or feel sick, please don’t go to school, instead please contact the school.
・If you feel unwell during class, please don’t try to endure, instead tell your class teacher immediately.
・When coughing, use your handkerchief, tissue or sleeve to cover your mouth and nose in accordance with the “Coughing etiquette”.
Be sure to wear face mask not only when at school, but also when going to and from school.
Disinfect your hands thoroughly when going to school, after using the toilet and after break times.
・Please don’t stay too close to each other when talking to friends and teachers, be mindful of the distance and the direction of your face.
・The lounges will be available on a limited basis, but please refrain from gathering and talking for long periods of time.
・If you wish to eat on campus, please use the lounge,however, the use of the lounge is limited.
・You can bring drinks into classrooms.
Smoking areas will be available on a limited basis, subject to a limited number of people and the use of portable ashtrays.
・Since we’re still conducting online classes, each floor’s student wifis are temporarily restricted.
・Classes studying on the 5th floor and above are prioritized in the use of elevators, maximum 5 people can go in the elevator each ride.
・Please don’t go outside if not necessary, reduce gatherings and parties with friends.
・In order not to be infected, the most important thing is that each and every person needs to be careful and prevent the infection.
Let’s focus and do our best together!