About VISA

For Those Who Consider to Study over 6 Months (with the maximum of 2 years)

If you apply for our university prep or other courses which are designated as courses for our student visa support and the duration of your study is between 6 months to 2 years, you can apply for a student visa as well. Application of the student visa is to be done with that of admission to MANABI at the same time, and you are supposed to apply visa to the Immigration through our school with sending school certificates of applicant’s educational background as well as those identifying financial situations.
Please note that it takes long like 5 to 6 months from submitting visa application documents to the entrance to Japan or start of classes.

From Application to entering Japan


Submission of application documents and payment of Application fee

Submit all of the required documents for application to the campus of MANABI you wish to enter, and wire transfer the assessment fee to the designated bank account by the due date.

Screening your application by MANABI

After receiving the documents, the application will be accepted or rejected based on document review and screening. If you are accepted, you will submit your application documents to the Immigration Services Bureau.

Submit to the Immigration Services Bureau

A “Certificate of Eligibility” will be issued to those who have been approved after examination by the Immigration Services Bureau.

Issuance of COE and “Letter of Acceptance”, tuition fee payment

We will send The Certificate of Eligibility and Letter of Acceptance.After the Bureau of Immigration screens and examine the application documents, a Certificate of Eligibility will be issued. Please proceed with your payment of admission fee and tuition by bank transfer or through the tuition fee payment service provided by Flywire after COE is issued to you. We will send COE, “Letter of Acceptance” and recent schedule for entering MANABI after your payment is confirmed.

Visa Application

Apply for your student visa at the Embassy or Consulate of Japan. Students wishing to stay in the school dormitory or to be picked up should submit an application form by the specified date.

VISA Issuance

Please inform us know the information about your flight to Japan and contacts in Japan as well.

Entering Japan, and admission to MANABI

Orientation and Start of Class. Please note that the application documents and other requirements differ depending on the conditions of the applicant.

For Those Who Consider to Study from 2weeks-3 Months

You can enter and study with “Short-Term” visa if you wish to study in a short period such as between 2 weeks to 3 months.
Period of stay you can stay with short-term visa depends on the nationality of the applicant or other conditions.
Applicants coming from countries or areas which have visa waiver program with Japan don’t have to apply for a short-term visa.
※Please note that applicants may not be permitted to enter to Japan even though they come from countries with having that program due to the applicant’s conditions or situations. Pay special attention if you have a history of long-term stay just before entering Japan.

Applicants may be requested to have a guarantor or submit a letter of invitation by the Japan Embassy or Consulate in some countries or regions. Please consult to us if it happened

Working Holiday

Based on agreements between Japan and other countries / areas, “Working Holiday Visa” can be issued for young people to provide opportunities to understand cultures and lifestyles of others. This is based on the system that countries permit those to do activities during the certain period of vacation and work to compensate for his/her living expenses.

Price List

For Those Who Consider to Study over 6 Months (with the maximum of 2 years)


NAGANO Campus( NAGANO Ueda ) / TOKYO Campus( Ryogoku )

Assessment Fee 22,000JPY ※Assessment Fee must be paid at the time of application in the designated school.

NAGANO Campus( NAGANO Ueda )

First payment 6 months Next payment 6 months 1-year total payment
Entrance Fee 55,000JPY  55,000JPY
Tuition Fee 344,300JPY 344,300JPY  688,600JPY
Total 399,300JPY 344,300JPY    743,600JPY


For 1 year payment (at the time of admission): 743,600 JPY

TOKYO Campus(Ryogoku)

First payment 6 months Next payment 6 months 1 year total payment
Entrance Fee 55,000JPY 55,000JPY
Tuition Fee 378,400JPY 378,400JPY 756,800JPY
Total 433,400JPY 378,400JPY 811,800JPY


For 1 year payment (at the time of admission): 811,800 yen

≪Tuition Fee breakdown≫

Activity fee, Facility Fee included in the tuition fee.。


* Advance payment of tuition fee for the first six months or 1 year is required before school admission.
* Above rate includes tax.
* Foreign Student Plan (http://www.jlic.or.jp/plan.html) fee is NOT include in above payment.We will charge you ¥10,000. This fee is good for a year. After a year you are required to pay again which will cover until graduation.
* Textbooks NOT included in above payment
* Additional costs for some activities might be required.
*6-month tuition will not be refunded if student withdrew from school 6 months after admission.
*The above rates are good from April 2021. It may be subjected to change on or after April 2022. It will also include currently enrolled students.

Full-time Prep. Program(Nagano Ueda)

First payment 6 months Next payment 6 months Total
Tuition Fee 253,000JPY 187,000JPY 440,000JPY

* Please pay the above tuition fee in addition to the regular tuition fee.
*The above tuition fee includes EJU basic subject tuition and a special academic guidance fee.

Art University Prep. Program(Tokyo Ryogoku)

April Semester July Semester October Semester January Semester
General Course 198,000JPY 198,000JPY 198,000JPY 198,000JPY
Design Course 209,000JPY 209,000JPY 209,000JPY 209,000JPY
Imaging Art and Advanced Art Course 209,000JPY 209,000JPY 209,000JPY 209,000JPY

*  Tution fee(Japanese)  NOT included in above payment


For Those Who Consider to Study from 2weeks-3 Months


Entrance fee 11,000JPY
Tuition fee/per week 16,500JPY

Please refer to the annual schedule for fee calculation


Entrance fee 11,000JPY
Tuition fee/per week 16,500JPY

Please refer to the annual schedule for fee calculation


※Above mentioned fees do not include consumption tax. Please pay those fees with the designated tax displayed on the invoice.
※Actual Expenses for the textbook and actibity will be charged.
※Above mentioned fees apply from April 2021 to March 2022.Fees are subjected to change after April 2022. In case of change,new fees will apply to new students and also to existing students.

About the Insurance

Students in short-term course are signed up for an insurance by the school so that students feel safe and secured during your stay in Japan.(http://www.jlic.or.jp/pdf/2018NewPamphlet/2018JlicPamphlet_Japanese.pdf)

2~4weeks 5~8weeks 9~11weeks
Insurance 6,500JPY 9,500JPY 12,600JPY

About application fee(Invitation letter)

Depending on the region or country, there is need to submit an invitation letter that from our school.

1-4 persons 5-8 persons 9 persons more
Application fee 16,500JPY/1person 11,000JPY/1person 8,800jpy/1person


Resort Internship Program

Resort Internship Program 172,800JPY

Japanese culture program



Plan Accomodagtion
Ueda Daiichi Hotel Ueda Park Hotel Sai no Tsuno
Spring Program 2weeks 166,000JPY 128,000JPY 128,000JPY
4weeks 207,000JPY 185,000JPY 202,000JPY
Summer Program 2weeks 16,4000JPY 125,000JPY 125,000JPY
4weeks 233,000JPY 205,000JPY 222,000JPY
Autumn Program 2weeks 165,000JPY 126,000JPY 126,000JPY
4weeks 222,000JPY 193,000JPY 211,000JPY
Winter Program 2weeks 180,000JPY 140,000JPY 140,000JPY
4weeks 219,000JPY 197,000JPY 213,000JPY

General Course (for students residing in Japan with a regular visa other than a college student or short-term visa, and for those of Japanese nationality who wish to study Japanese)


General Course Nagano Campus


Classroom lesson Entrance fee Tuition fee
Tuition fee-Semester Payment
11,000JPY 135,000JPY
Tuition and fees-paid monthly
11,000JPY 55,000JPY


Private Lessons Entrance fee Tuition fee
(50 minutes x 10 sessions) 11,000JPY 40,800JPY

* Textbooks NOT included in above payment
* Above rate includes tax.

General Course Tokyo Campus


Classroom lesson Entrance fee Registration fee Tution Fee
Tution Fee-Semester Payment
/1 Semeseter(3months)
5,500JPY 5,500JPY 143,000JPY
Payment of school fees in installments 5,500JPY 5,500JPY First time57,200JPY
Second time42,900JPY
Third time42,900JPY


Private Lessons Entrance fee Tution Fee
60 minutes x 6 sessions 5,500JPY 29,700JPY
60 minutes x 10 sessions 5,500JPY 48,400JPY
90 minutes x 6 sessions 5,500JPY 36,300JPY
90 minutes x 10 sessions 5,500JPY 58,300JPY

* Textbooks NOT included in above payment
* Above rate includes tax.