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2020.05.01 Tokyo

TOKYO Campus Notice to students whose address has changed

Notice to students whose address has changed【TOKYO Campus】

We are planning to have the school come to pick up the teaching materials either on 5/7 (Thurs) or 5/8 (Fri) for the start of online classes.

However, if the emergency declaration period is extended, you will not be able to come to school, so the school will mail the materials to your home.

All costs for the materials used this semester will be borne by the school, so you do not have to pay.

Please be sure to contact students who have changed their address from the address currently reported to the school, such as moving during the holidays.

In addition, for students who are currently returning to Japan temporarily, we will send the teaching materials by mail to the place where they are.

Please tell us the address in your home country where you would like the materials to be sent.

Please contact us by Saturday, May 2.