Ryogoku, where the traditional edo culture remains

The Tokyo campus is located in the Ryogoku area, a traditional downtown of an electric and gigantic city, Tokyo. Famous for sumo wrestling. It is about 4 a minute walk from JR Ryogoku station. It takes about 10 minutes by train from Tokyo station. It is also close to Asakusa where there are many old streets and historic buildings around and you will be able to feel the nice old atmosphere of Japan. It is about 5 minutes away by train from the famous “Electric Town” Akihabara.


International Communication in the Classroom

Students from more than 20 countries all around the world with various purpose for staying including working holiday, college study, university ambitions and job seeking.

Another feature of Tokyo Campus is that you can get in touch with a variety of cultures and languages other than just the Japanese.


「We do have confidence in support for entering to graduate school.」

The Tokyo campus have experienced staff that can provide one-on-one interviews about your preparation, including how to choose an appropriate graduate school, how to contact the professors, and the writing of a research proposal.


「We do have confidence in support for entering to prestigious universities.」

We focus on supporting students to enter prestigious universities at the Tokyo campus.

Not only Japanese classes, we also provide classes for preparation of the EJU (bot hart and science), and English classes.

Many students succeed in entering prestigious universities like Waseda and Meiji University every year.


Staff Introduction

Principal:Shinichiro Tokoku

For those foreign students who choose to study Japanese and form a career in Japan,life in Japan may not always be easy. You may have to continue studying while overcoming the constraints and difficulties you never imagined before coming to Japan. We will provide a rich learning experience and support for its success so that we can enjoy the results that are commensurate with the time and effort you spend studying abroad. From now on, Japan's society will need more and more changes to accept diversity. The hope that international students can fulfill is also our hope. We would like to be like ‘a home’ where we can receive the support they need, the first step in our lives in Japan.

Chief of School Affairs:Shiga Koichiro

At MANABI Japanese Language Institute Tokyo Campus we have a curriculum that allows students to learn all skills including reading, writing, listening and speaking in a balanced manner, learning Japanese in a fun way for students and teachers to communicate a lot with each other and aim to mater the Japanese language. In addition, we provide a variety of courses and programs that matches students from other countries depending on their various goals, including graduate school/university entry, business Japanese courses aiming for employment in Japan, and acquisition of Japanese education and Japanese culture experiences. Especially for students who wishes to enter a university/graduate school, we have students who have entered a number of well-known universities every year. All our teachers will provide their utmost support for students who are studying in our school to be successful and use what they have learned in Japan in the world.

Student dormitory

Here at MANABI Japanese language institute, in both Nagano and the Tokyo campuses, we provide school dormitories for students to be able to live in a secure environment in Japan. Since we have a lot of dormitories to choose from, students can feel secure in starting their life here in Japan.2021 MANABI Dormitory Information

Share House Ryogoku

Kamezawa Sumida-Ku Tokyo



2-10-5 Ryogoku, TOC Ryogoku bldg., Sumida-ku, Tokyo, 130-0026, Japan

Yasuo Yokosawa
Yukiji Horiuchi
Shinichiro Tokoku

Activities-Tokyo Campus

Be able to participate and experience a variety of activities which allows you to feel the four different seasons of Japan directly. At the Tokyo Campus, you will have opportunities to participate and experience in different traditional cultures such as Sumo and others.