MANABI’s Scholarship

MANABI’s Special Award Scholarship

Graduation Day
NAGANO Campus Tokyo Campus Total 1,700,000JPY
  • Must be enrolled in MANABI for 1 year and more
  • Recommended by the Admission office and Education department
  • Must have good attendance rate and good grades
  • Determined by selection meetings
  • 100% attendance rate
  • 100% homework submission

Famous University admission scholarship


The University of Tokyo


Kyoto University / Osaka University / Nagoya University


Hitotsubashi University / Tokyo Institute of Technology / Tsukuba University / Tokyo University of Foreign Studies / Tohoku University / Hokkaido University / Kyushu University / Chiba University / Waseda University / Keio University / Sophia University


Saitama University / Shinshu University / Yokohama National University / Meiji University / Hosei University / Chuo University / Rikkyo University / Aoyamagakuin UniVersity / Tokyo Univerisy of Science / Gakushuin University

Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship
for Privately-Financed International Students

360,000JPY a Year30,000JPY/mos.×12mos.)
  • Good grades and attendance rate
  • Applicant for further education
  • Recommendation from school
    ※※5 to 6 students per year

Part-time job support

Here in MANABI, we help students who wishes to do a part-time job. We assist them in Resume writing, finding a part-time job, what to do in interviews, and Japanese manners. Even for those students who does not speak Japanese well, as long as the school is supporting them they can relax and live a normal life here in Japan

Permission of activity outside scope

Student with a student visa who have the “Permission of Activity outside scope” can do part-time job, although working hours and type of job are limited to some extent.

Please contact the school office for name, address and tel.number of place you work.

※Do not work more than 28 hours because crack down on the excess of the part-time job has become very strict.

Hours you can work

 28 hours per week

※Regarding long-term vacation like spring, summer and winter holidays, you can work up to 8 hours per day.

Support for resume writing

Compared to the majority of the resumes around the world, a Japanese resume has a special format.

Interview practice

Interview practice will be done when the student learns how to look for a part-time job.
In order for students to be able to do well in an interview, the following are being practiced: frequently asked questions, tone of voice and facial expressions.

Student Insurance

Student Insurance

In this school, all students who are under student visa are registered in an insurance called, Japanese Language Institute Co-operation Foreign Students Plan.
Students can have a safe and secure student life because insurance is applicable when having an illness or in an accident.

National Health Insurance

National Health Insurance is an official insurance of Japan. When you go to the hospital because of a cold, an injury, or if you go to the dentist and others, you only have to pay 30% of total medical expenses if you possess this insurance card.

Although premium is somewhat different by area, you can take out insurance for about 1000 per month if you have had no income previous year. Please ask for premium reduction when you apply for insurance. If you do not apply for reduction, you will have to pay about 3000 premium per month.

National Health Insurance Card is an official identification card like passport, driver’s license, etc.
You are obliged not to lend or borrow the Card. Doing so may get you in a big trouble.