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2020.03.03 Nagano

Notice: To all students in Nagano campus, March 3, 2020

To all students

Notice: Following schedule from now on

March 3, 2020



 For protection from the new corona-virus infection, we will extend the period of class cancellation until March 19th. During this period, please keep studying by homework and self-study. We have decided to transfer the extra class hours after April.


Temporary class cancellation :March 2, 2020(Mon) ~March 6, 2020 (Fri) ※Already Notified

                                   March 9, 2020(Mon) ~March 19, 2020(Thu)   ※it has been extended.


Spring Holidays  : March 20,2020(Fri) ~ April 9, 2020(Thu)


Class start date       : April 10, 2020(Fri)     We would like to inform to all students if the schedule will change.

◆About Self-studying during 'Temporary class cancellation'

・Please work on your homework given by your teacher for 4 hours a day. You can ask questions over the phone during your regular class hours when you don't understand in learning Japanese.


◆Graduation ceremony, March 5 (Thu)

Place: Suntomyuze small hall, Ueda

Meeting time: 12:50

・All students can attend the graduation ceremony or not.

・If you are not feeling well, do not attend the graduation ceremony.

・You will not be counted absent even if you wouldn't attend on this day.


◆School Date [Submitting homework/Consulting] March 9 (Mon) and March 16 (Mon)

・Please come to school. We'll ask you to tell us how you're doing and your health.

・You will be attending on this day, so you have to come. We don't have any classes.

・You have to turn in your assignment to your teacher. Then You'll get your next homework.

  Class C1 Please come to Room 301 until 9:00.

  Class B1 Please come to Room 201 until 13:30.

  Class B2 Please come to Room 202 until 14:00.

  Class B3 Please come to Room 301 until 14:30.


◆School Date [For Counseling] March 19 (Thu)

・You talk to your teacher and receptionist. Same as usual counseling, but only for one day.

・We will inform you the school schedule on March 16.


There are no final exam.


◆Reception hours and how to contact us

・There are teachers at school from Monday to Friday on weekdays.

・If you have any worries about your studies or universities, vocational schools, you can consult with us.

・You can apply for certificate documents.

 [Weekdays]  9:00~18:00 TEL:0268-28-7788 / Facebook: manabi連絡用

 [Emergency] TEL:080-4340-5184


◆Notice: temporary return to your country

Even in a country where there are no travel restrictions at the moment, the situation may change.

After returning to your country temporarily, it is possible that you will not be able to enter Japan.

If you would like to return to your country temporarily, please make sure to consult with us.

◆Important notice for your health

①In order to prevent the transmission of pneumonia as much as possible, please refrain from coming into contact with others during the home study period as much as possible.

②Please wash your hands and gargle frequently. Take a well-balanced diet and have a good rest.

③Measure your body temperature every day and take good care of yourself.

 (If you don't have a thermometer, please purchase it. They are sold at convenience stores.)

④If you have a fever or feel sick, don't go to the hospital right away and contact the school for 


⑤The purpose of this period is to protect your safety and health. Do not use hours to do more 

    part-time jobs.

⑥Please check phone calls, emails and messages from school carefully.

⑦The latest information will be posted on our homepage and Facebook(manabinagano).