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2020.05.28 Nagano

Announcement: Continuation of the staggered attendance

Following the lifting of the Emergency Declaration, which was issued as a countermeasure
against the infection of pneumonia (COVID-19), we have been commuting to schools since May
25th. To prevent infection, the schools will continue to be staggered attendance from June 2nd
to 5 From now on, we will announce our plans for the next week by Friday every week.
We will continue to take preventive measures against infection and create a learning
environment where students can learn with peace of mind. In addition, if infection in the
prefecture and the city increases again, depending on the situation, we will give top priority to
the safety and health of the students and change the format of the class.

◆ A request to students
・ The most important thing is to prevent infection so that each person does not become infected.
Keep your focus up to the end.
・Consultations to the school will continue to have reservations to reduce the crowd made by
phone and Messenger. However, if you want to speak directly or urgent information, please
contact the office on the 4th floor.