2020.04.15 Tokyo

Confirmation of Proxy Application for JLPT(TOKYO Campus)

①【For Students who handed in application forms to MANABI in March

We sent this email for confirmation of your proxy application for JLPT. So please confirm the contents especially your level you’ll take.

If the content is correct, if the content is wrong, or if you need to change the content, please be sure to send an email back to us by April 16th on Thursday by 3pm.

※If you do not text us back, we will start the application process with your application info which you handed in March.


②【If you have handed your application in to MANABI in March, however you reapplied JLPT by yourself, we will cancel the proxy application for you, so please let us know】

③【For Students who haven’t applied yet】

Please apply to the JLPT by yourself before April 20th through their online portal. If you have any questions, or you don’t know how to apply, please be sure to send an email us by April 16th on Thursday by 3pm.

Please do not be late in submitting your applications or you will not be able to take the JLPT exam.